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who do you think was the best chess player of all time?

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    Intrinsicbarbaro wrote:

    Different circumstances. I think a tennis-like approach would be better for chess. Simply have a number 1 each year.

    clms_chess wrote:

    Intrinsicbarbaro wrote:


    Karpov won the most tournaments, enough said. We all know the world championship is a joke and even early grandmaster acknowledged this.



    "We"?? You have your reasons for stating that... but ...no. Fischer single handedly bringing down the Soviet Chess Machine..... winning the World Championship... was not a "joke" (meaning >> its worthless, it means nothing, etc etc).

    If the WCC is a joke... then ANY WC.. in anything... is a joke.

    (I wonder how Usain Bolt would take that statement?)

    Maybe you're right..maybe not... still, the world championship is not a "joke".

    I actually like the format that chess has to determine WC... its different/unique... sets it a part from other "sports".

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    Easily Milhail Tal or Nimsowitsch. Tal was one of the greatest attackers in history, and of course Nimsowitsch revolutionized the way we look at positional chess with this book "My System" 

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    It is very hard to say. There is Kasparov, Fisher, Tal, Carlsen, Lasker, Karpov, Nimsowitsch, and Caplablanca. But, I will vote for Kasparov

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