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Who will win - Anand or Gelfand?

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    Anyone please tell me Anand's statistics against Carlsen and Gelfand. Thanks.

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    Hammerschlag wrote:
    What's his reason for not showing up? He is ranked world #1 and is expected to be World Champion sometime. What is he waiting for?

    This has been discussed to great detail before, but Carlsen did originally turn up for the qualification and won the first event. Among the players that refused to turn up were Topalov and Kramnik, who didn't want to qualify from the same starting point as Carlsen and Aronian.

    Then FIDE changed the rules so Topalov and Kramnik were given Candidates spots without qualifying, as they had demanded, and the longer final match was substituted with a knockout of the sort Khalifman and Kasimdzhanov had won in the past. The players that were most positive about this change were of course those that were given a spot they otherwise wouldn't have had. Aronian won all his Grand Prix tournaments, but the only reward he got was one spot of eight, together with players that had refused to play the qualification.

    So Carlsen withdrew, the knockout produced another sensation, and here we are.

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    ciljettu wrote:

    He seems more preoccupied with fashion shoots and bringing up excuses for not playing in qualification phases. FIDE changed some rules and he threw a hissy fit. He clearly had a point... but he thought that point was more important than becoming world champion. Or maybe he only wants to play a WC match when he is slightly more experienced and stronger.

    He is the best, but he needs to show it.

    Carlsen's main gripe was changing of the rules after the competition had started.  The FIDE events had lower prize funds than sponsored tournaments, so the players had given up some potential income to commit to the cycle.  Then they changed the rules, that was the last straw.

    Given the smaller WC purses since Kasparov couldn't get a rematch with Kramnik, Carlsen has a point:  FIDE needs him and Aronian more than they need FIDE, FIDE should at least respect them and treat them fairly.

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    It would be a mistake to count Gelfand out.  He competed with the best in the world for many years, his career survived disruption in his emigration to Israel, and he stayed in the upper levels during a time there weren't so many 2650+ players to feed the ratings of the top players.

    He knows it is his last chance, so he's hungry.  Anand has a lopsided plus score against him, is higher rated, so may not prepare as hard as he did for Topalov and Kramnik.  Also, Vishy is a family man now, so some of the drive may have lost the edge.

    Anand of course deserves to be the favorite, but the universal disrepect Gelfand is getting could be Boris' greatest weapon.

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    Anand has looked much weaker the last years than in 2007-08, the last one and a half year I think Vallejo is the only 2700 opponent he has beaten, and his Elo performance has been below top ten level. Whatever happens here the winner of the next Candidates will be the big favourite in the title match, especially considering that the next Candidates will be a double round robin and not another of those blitz tiebreak minimatch events.

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    Vishy may have passed his peak, but I don't think that Gelfand can beat Vishy yet.

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    Anand is tactical genius! It is difficult for Gelfand to outcalculate him!!

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    Anand has a higher chance of winning, being russian and all.

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    Anand is indian. 

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    though this is not anands cup of cake i reallly do hope anand will win

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    hermione16 wrote:

     this is not anands cup of cake 


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    Am I the only one not caring about world championship ?
    Always the same openings for years and years .... Would love to see a world champion really takings risks on openings !

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    Second game also drew. I cant understand why Anand is agreeing for draw when Gelfand is under time pressure. Undecided

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    pfren wrote:

    So, what cound he do? Pawns absolutely symmetrical, no weak point for either side... Even blitzing, a world class player like Boris cannot screw that.

    Yes, you should be right. You know better. Smile

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    Stone_Cold_Crazy wrote:

    Am I the only one not caring about world championship ?
    Always the same openings for years and years .... Would love to see a world champion really takings risks on openings !

    U want to see something like the kings gambit?

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    @Helzeth : Lol. Anand is Indian.

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    My only prediction is that whom ever wins will not successfully defend it in 2014.

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