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Who will win the 2013 world championship? Anand or Carlsen?

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    I think Magnus will this championship match... oh, yeah, I already stated that....Cool

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    And to think back in April, it was starting to seem like Magnus might not even play in the championship! Magnus's landing in the pool was a nice culmination to see :)

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    Elubas wrote:

    Congrats to Carlsen -- he won comfortably. I felt that ultimately Carlsen did not take this for granted, and just played the style he's always been so successful with, and it worked seamlessly. There were a lot of indicators that Carlsen was the favorite in this match, but now that he's actually won it and with a +3 margin he indisputably has a very special place in the chess world.

    + 1.

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    carlsen wins

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