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Why did you learn how to play chess and how old were you?

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    Since the above photo was 1972, this one must be from about 1974 or maybe 1975.  That's me and my Beatles haircut.  (Hey, from the looks of my grade school class photo, we all wore it that way back then!)  This is my first tournament size chess set, even though I was still many years away from playing in my first tourney.

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    Love thos old pics! Wish I had some of myself and dad playing from back in the day but I don't think we ever got any. His set was one of those cheesy little sets with red and white pieces and a cardboard chess board with black and red squares. When he got it in the early '60's I was just a little kid and when he would set up the pieces and analyse positions or openings I would shoot rubber bands at the pieces and knock them over because they were hollow. I remember he filled them up with plaster of paris and put new felt bottoms on them to prevent my little terrorist attempts to sabotage his analysis sessions. It's a wonder he didn't tan my hide :)

    Is that the Drueke set? That Knight is the tip-off. I got a set like that for my dad back in the latter '80's and a copy of the book "How To Win In The Chess Openings" by Horowitz in an effort to help him inprove his game. All he ever played as white was either the 4 Knights Game or the Ruy Lopez systems. Once I had learned some openings I'd throw the Sicilian or French at him and he didn't know what to do. It got to the point he would decline playing me saying "I'm no competition for you anymore." Sadly, he was correct.

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    i learned to play chess because i knew how to play checkers. someone told me it was impossible to know how to play chess and checkers at the same time.

    i learned to play 8 years ago, when i was 7

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    Past_My_Prime wrote:

    His set was one of those cheesy little sets with red and white pieces and a cardboard chess board with black and red squares.

    Is that the Drueke set? That Knight is the tip-off.

    Our family had the exact same cheesy set.  Yep, red and black squares (paper board) and small hollow pieces.  That was our first set, straight from the dime store.

    Yes, that set is a Drueke set.  It's not a wood, but a hard plastic set.  I still have it.  I bought in myself 1974 or 1975, probably with money saved up from my paper route.   I still remember what it cost, because for years later, the price tag was still on the box.  It cost $15.00, which was a lot of money to a 13-year-old.

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    Yeah - $15 was not cheap back then. Made you appreciate it all the more when it cost you something dear and you paid for it yourself.

    Funny how we hang onto our old sets. I wish I still had dad's old sets. He and mom divorced and he moved to West Virginia with his new wife. He passed a few years back and so I have no idea what became of them.

    I still have the Boxwood/Rosewood set I got back around 1985. Just got a new case with board for it that has drawers for piece storage. It still looks really good. Lately I have acquired 2 new sets that I really like. You can see them here if you like:



    (I don't know why the links are not cooperating. If you want to see the sets you'll have to copy the links and put them in your browser window manually)

    I picked up the first one just a couple of weeks ago for $269 and the 2nd on I picked up around Father's Day last year for $272 w/shipping.

    I also got a really nice set in a folding case/board a few years back on ebay out of India. The King is just over 4" tall and the pieces are wood. They are stored inside the case and are mounted in customized, padded storage compartments. The Black pieces are ebonized and the Knights have intricate bridles on them. I'll take a few pics and post them soon.

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    my gf was into chess, she wanted us to have same hobby.

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    David210 wrote:

    my gf was into chess, she wanted us to have same hobby.

    That's not a bad thing. I wish my wife played but she just does not have the patience for it.

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    I dabbled a bit when my next door neighbor taught me the rules when I was about 7 or 8 years old. We only played for a short while, and I ended up putting chess out of mind until I turned 18. While working a seasonal job another guy my age brought in his chess set one day and over lunch asked if I knew how to play. Again, we played for a short while, but after leaving that job I put it out of mind again. Fast forward to age 24 and the company I was with was in the process of going out of business. There really wasn't much for us to do while we waited for the liquidation to end, so I'd find a quiet place to hide and played Chessmaster on my cell phone to kill time. After the job finally ended I forgot about chess once more until, shortly before Christmas of 2012, I began to think about the game again. My girlfriend of the time bought me a chess set and I've been addicted ever since. I joined chess.com at the recommendation of my cousin, who had also become an avid enthusiast of the game. Now the chess bug has me in it's grasp, and I don't plan on leaving the game again... it's just too fun and interesting. People who don't play, especially people who mock the game and it's players, have no idea what they are missing!

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    End of the 80's at the age of 8 or so my family got a Commodore64. Soon enough we pirated together (which consisted of copying tapes) a huge collection of games and ended up having a game called Grandmaster which can play chess. After a while my dad could proudly beat it and ofcourse as a kid wanting to do everything dad does me and my sister got taught the rules of chess..kinda.
    Didn't really catch on but fast forward some 10 years and on PC being really into programming in Pascal and Assembly I came across a Pascal chess program called KC Chess and instantly my interest in chess spiked again and that was that. Started practising, learned the rules properly this time, bought some introductory books and joined a club.

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    please_let_me_win wrote:

    My dad taught me when I was 7 years old, after a few months I could beat him. Then me and my friend started playing chess together when we were both 10 years old. For 3 years he would beat me 75% of the time. But on my 14th birthday I got the latest Chessmaster and learned a lot from it. After that he never beat me again and lost interest in chess after he got a girlfriend and started playing video games.

    cool story :)

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    1993/1994, so I was 3 or 4 years old.

    My dad had Battle Chess on his pc, so I was playing more "Make the knight fight" than actual chess, but I picked up the moves from it.  

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