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why do more guys join chess club then women?

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    MIL:  The USCF store has magnetic chess sets in several sizes.  They are still on sale I think.

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    Because guys are more social.  They like to do things with friends like go to clubs together and play games with people they know.

    Girls take chess more seriously.  They'd rather sit at home memorizing variations of the Sicilian defense.

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    Yeah, Waffle's probably right about that.

    Scheviningen..  d3.  Ok dragon is a fianchetto, I know that much...  

    Its hard after a couple of glasses of wine..... Schloznokov... d4..  ?

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    Yes, magnets are of no use to girls.

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    Yipee-ki-yay wrote:

    they are in themselves magnetic.

    We "girls" have many powers.  Some are not visible to the casual observer.  But we have them.  And we all know we have them.  Oh, yes.  And that almost makes up for our having so much less economic and political power.  Almost.  :-)

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    guys enjoy the company of guys more than girls do. 

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    Somebodysson wrote:

    guys enjoy the company of guys more than girls do. 

    That illustrates the problem with generalizations.  They're all false. ;-)

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    Somebodysson ha scritto:

    guys enjoy the company of guys more than girls do. 

    from most the girls i've talked to, they all seem more like "one of the guys" than (not then for you gramatical people) "one of the girls" and they're all in chess club.

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