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Why hasn't Ivanov been banned yet?

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    TheCardigansFan wrote:
    Irontiger wrote:
    TheCardigansFan wrote:

    Nobody's going to be arresting a chess player for cheating at chess even if they catch him red handed. 

    From what I understand, crime is out of control in Eastern Europe and Russia.  They can't even effectively counter "real crime" so the chances of the police taking any real interest in Ivanov is zero.

    I'm sure there are quite a few murder cases in the Bronx that go unsolved. Does it mean New York as a whole is a jungle where you can do whatever you please ?

    Ivanov is not extremely (in)famous outside the chess universe, it's true, but if some TD is handing him to a police officer, with juicy chess-cheating first-time trial for the prosecutors afterwards, it's hard to refuse.

    What's so "juicy" about a chess cheating trial?  If that's the sort of thing you consider "juicy" then you must lead an extremely boring life.

    It's juicy for a prosecutor, none has seen such a case in court since... well, since ever. Plus, the characters are for sure an interesting lot (chess players are seen as zoo animals by most people where I live and I suspect it's the same in the US and GB).

    I cannot say I am personally thrilled.

    As for the nationality stuff, it has no relevance.

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    Your personal attacks are irrelevant. You seem to have issues.

    On topic : yeah, the statistic matchup is hard to understand for laymen, but that's why there are experts called in court too. Ballistics and forensics are hard too, but the jury takes the expert's explanation. And prosecution wouldn't have trouble finding some statistician to give the number talk.

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    Why do people create accounts just so they can troll threads? Aren't there more interesting places to do that?

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    Court experts very often disagree with each other! Makes sense as they render an assessment in favor of who pays them!?

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    This may have been bought up before, I havent read all the pages, but.......

    if he didnt have any money to get home and had to be lent 50 euros, then he must have been relying heavily on winning some form of money for a top finish at the end of the tournament :D 

    almost like he knew he was going to win :D

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