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Why is it so hard to not blunder your queen

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    I see you have a premium mebership, use that as much as possible to use the chess mentor, this will greatly help you.  About the queen problom.  There isn't really a "one size fits all" answer, you just have to think every time you move, "If I move my queen will it be hanging?  If I move my queen will it leave any other piece hanger?"  If both answers are "no" then, if you want to move it, go ahead and do it.  I know you have probobly heard that before about asking yourself those questions and you may even think that you don't need to.  I know it is hard to get into the habbit of asking youself questions, but man, let me tell you from experience, it helps BIG TIME!

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    I never blunder my queen, I do sacrifice it often though! Tongue Out

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    Because it's the most valuable piece, any other pieces benefits from capturing even if she's protected.

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    Its easy to say Im not gonna do that again, and sure enough; you do.

    There are a ton of ways you can loose your queen. Some obvious, some not so obvious. Just play, and if it happens, try to put that away, and watch for the set up next time. Dont get too focused on any one side of the board, and stay alert, when your on the path of a kill. That is usually when I get hit hard, when I think I have um, its really just me tweaking the web.

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    Was a rook up when I blundered my queen. :( Ouch, right in the feelings.

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    tactics trainer should help if you do a few each day.

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    Are you hanging your queen or are you getting her trapped?  Two very different problems with two different solutions.  If you are hanging her then you need to add a few questions to your mental checklist every move.  If you are getting her trapped you need to become a better player.

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    "this is the only reason i ever lose, check my games played, horrible obvious blunders"

    No. You are losing because you keep playing games that are 4-6 moves long, then resigning for no reason. I just looked at your last few games, and that seems to be your game for some reason. A few of them you even set up a fool's mate for your opponent, who for some reason didn't take it.

    This thread is wasting everyone's time.

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    Playing actual games is what "corrects" your rating.

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    You are being ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with the ratings system when people simply play the game. 

    "in fact my rating is still dropping. went from 1300 to 900 in 2 days"

    In fact, it dropped that far because you purposefully took a dive in THIRTY-THREE consecutive games. You've wasted all those players' times, artificially inflated their ratings, and accompllished nothing.

    Why would any of us try to help you when you don't seem to be serious about actually playing chess? 

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    This is easy..in the opening do not put the mouse on the Queen and click. The idea "all aboard i'm attacking at all cost "(2/3 moves into a game) rarely works out well. Use some easy openings and complete piece develoment....have a plan..get your pieces working together,,talk to yourself "what am i moving this piece " ?"why did  he make that move" ?  Soon your pratice will result in winning games.    good luck

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