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Why knight always looks left?

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    When History is recreated at the movies, we can all stop going to school, or reading, and just set up camp in the cineplex.  Smile

    Pass the popcorn, this thread is now reaching escape velocity!

    Nonetheless, I still liked @Stevie65's summary English history lesson.  Thank You.

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    Chess is a visual game, so I prefer the Knights "en profile" and not "en face" on the board.

    En face they are equal slender/slim as a Pawn or Bishop...

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    Aye, knights can move at tremendous speeds...

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #84


    especially when they strike or draw.

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    Have you noticed that chess.com have adopted both left and right...Left in the current games list and right on the current game played.

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    I was watching videos of top players playing blitz last night and saw that a lot of players keep the knights facing each other. They will even quickly adjust to keep them staring at each other when they are positioned diagonally. 

    The top blitz players (except for Carlsen, who seems clumsy) are also very adept at spinning a pawn in their off hand.

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