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    Will someone please tell me why one can consistently beat much higher rated players and then lose again and again againstplayers of much lower rating than oneself

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    Maybe underestimation? That happens to me, I can beat players 200 points above if I play very serious. But I get beaten by lower rated players simply because I do not exert much effort

    Another is maybe that low rated playe is just beginning and his rating is not yet his peak i.e. has only played 5 games or less

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    thanks, that answers a lot of questions, particularly your second point. do you also think that STYLE has a bearing on it. In other words we can lock on to one opponents STYLE, but not that of another, regardless of rating

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    I think style isnot really a great factor, since at low levels of play there is rarely any style in play. But if you're talking about losing and winning against players let's say 2000+ rating, that's where style of play comes in.

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    It's a bit of a strange one.

    Personally I find it easier to play against people the same rating or slightly above because they tend to play by the book for the first little while.

    A player in the 1000s or 1100s will often throw a complete curveball within the first few moves (likely accidentally). Of course over time you slowly begin winning or they blunder but in those situations, if you don't take a minute to think about it as soon as that curveball comes, you end up reacting to bad moves with bad moves which can lead to some unpleasant positions.

    Not that I am a master or anything, just something I have noticed whilst playing here.

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    I would really like to think that style of play was a factor, although as yet I remain undecided.

    For instance, I would like to think that an attacking style of a lower rated player would be capable of overcoming the cautious approach of a higher rated player.

    In other sports / games this can sometimes be the case and makes for some fascinating encounters. Round 3 of today's English FA Cup looks likely to throw up some perfect examples.

    As I say, I am still undecided.

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    Regarding STYLE, Adam, I think it does have some bearing concerning those we win or lose against. I remember when Bottvinik lost the world title to Petrosian, he said that Petrosian had a DIFFERENT understanding of positional play than anyone he had ever played against, including himself. He remarked that although he had calculated every possible variation, Petrosian came up with something else. Is this related to style?

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    Style will only be a factor when played at high levels, in low level it wouldn't matter much.

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