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Wish List for chess.com

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #41


    I honestly think that the Chess.com team should spend the majority of their time focusing on live chess and making sure that most gamers prefer the setup we have here to ICC.  

    I think they're on the right track but stability, tournament selection, and clock accuracy could all use a bump before I think it's time to focus on anything else around here.

    Other than that - It would be nice if they finally finished the study guide section.  

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #42


    Monster_with_no_Name wrote:

    new piece sets !

    This, too.  More board/piece sets and customization of such.  At least for diamond members, if not for everyone.  (Should really be for everyone).

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #43


    chessBBQ wrote:

    A way to copy the notation and paste it on scid.

    Downloading games is too time consuming for me.

    Yeah, Id like this too. Its not very timeconsuming but I just dont like having all those files on my computer.

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #44


    Jameswalton101 wrote:

    I wish for the ability to use chess mentor on the chess.com app for my android phone. This will allow me to use this momentous feature on the go. Also, this would provide an excellent reason for my friends who are learning chess to acquire diamond membership.


  • 13 months ago · Quote · #45


    to select what type of tactics you want to practice in tactics trainer :)

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #46


    Pippychess wrote:

    to select what type of tactics you want to practice in tactics trainer :)

    These are called tactical motifs and yes - we should have that option.

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #47


    I have over 2,300 messages, 90% of which are tournament invitations from chess.com, not from the teams I belong to. Is there a way to opt out of these tournament notices without missing important news?

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #48


    Auto-pairing pools.

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #49


    On the tactics there is too much of a penalty on time.  I can solve some problems in fairly good time...but I lose points.


  • 13 months ago · Quote · #50


    Maybe I spoke too soon about Chess.com having caught up to ICC in the live chess department.  

    You can't just load up a pgn of a game here on Chess.com and review it with a friend or random reg you meet.  On ICC I can review any game, any time, with anyone.  This should be the case here, as well.

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