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Woman world championships and titles - aren't they an insult ?

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    @Goldenturd - I wouldn't call it a joke, since it seems he wants to get me mad. That's what trolls do. It's a big joke to them. It doesn't bother me though. After i type my say, i'm off to the next post or thread to read.

    Yeah, i don't think anybody is arguing whether level of play is equal to the WWC. The problem seems to be people think they don't deserve the amount of money they receive. The fact is, the WCC does have a larger pot, but they distribute it differently. If the WCC distributed it the way the WWCC does (60/40), then the WCC champion would be winning about 200k more than the WWCC champion. It's the distribution that makes it seem unfair. Any money they generated for the pot, the players deserve to win. So even if they were total beginners, but people were willing to pay and sponsor the event so that the pot was $1 mil, then the players deserved it.

    @Elubas - Yes. I may not be accurate or even right, but i do have a right to speak my mind (with limitations). If what i said was wrong, then simply prove me wrong or don't believe what i said. I don't mind; I'm just offering a different opinion, and hopefully a correct one.

    Edit: @Elubas - No one woman can answer for all women either. Asking for women's opinion on it is only better because one can begin a tally. However, without a significantly large sample size, it doesn't mean much as statistical evidence.

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    Then I don't disgaree at all. If a bunch of 8 year olds paid to enter a tourny for kids only and ended up with a bigger pot than both of those, I'd think that's fair, too. 

    As for the joke... if you haven't seen the movie (pretty funny, btw), he's quoting a character that is chariacature of 70's chauvenism resisting a woman who is superior to him at his proffession (and clearly his intellectual superior).

    Anyway, threads about dead. To sum up: womens's events are fine. Women seem to have less of an affinity for chess in general, reasons debatable. Statistics would insist that eventually a woman will win a non-women's championship. And finally, why do men care that much?

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    Great summing up, @GoldenT.  Username too.  Laughing

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    A summing up containing many errors, so not that great really, actually pretty dumb.

    Anyway it seems our favourite bottle blonde is struggling, perhaps not surprising given the rating differential.

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    @GT - Nope, haven't seen the movie. There's more that's being said which makes his posts more trollish than just being a joke. I'll leave it at that.

    There could be many reasons why men "care." One reason could be to point out the 'fairness' of it, and use it as a counter argument to the gender wage dispute. I'm sure you and others can come up with more reasons if you think about it.

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