Woman world championships and titles - aren't they an insult ?

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    Then I don't disgaree at all. If a bunch of 8 year olds paid to enter a tourny for kids only and ended up with a bigger pot than both of those, I'd think that's fair, too. 

    As for the joke... if you haven't seen the movie (pretty funny, btw), he's quoting a character that is chariacature of 70's chauvenism resisting a woman who is superior to him at his proffession (and clearly his intellectual superior).

    Anyway, threads about dead. To sum up: womens's events are fine. Women seem to have less of an affinity for chess in general, reasons debatable. Statistics would insist that eventually a woman will win a non-women's championship. And finally, why do men care that much?

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    Great summing up, @GoldenT.  Username too.  Laughing

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    A summing up containing many errors, so not that great really, actually pretty dumb.

    Anyway it seems our favourite bottle blonde is struggling, perhaps not surprising given the rating differential.

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    @GT - Nope, haven't seen the movie. There's more that's being said which makes his posts more trollish than just being a joke. I'll leave it at that.

    There could be many reasons why men "care." One reason could be to point out the 'fairness' of it, and use it as a counter argument to the gender wage dispute. I'm sure you and others can come up with more reasons if you think about it.

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