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YOUR IQ compared to" World Chess Champion" Garry Kasparov ..

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    Would visuals also count instead of optics? I, as a non-native speaker, consider it roughly the same.

    Also I got Rio de Janeiro right for the complete wrong reasons. It was the only city with a name composed of more than 1 word... Undecided

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    I got 9 of 10 correct (legitimately, no looking ahead). When I took an IQ test in school many years ago, I scored 159, which is pretty close to the 151 here. However, I would of course get utterly trounced by Garry at chess, and I don't believe in a single IQ score anyway... There are lots of forms of intelligence. It's multi-axial, not just some line from low scores to high. And if you want to get even more philosophical, "IQ" probably has no meaning at all. It's likely way more complicated than a series of numbers produced by a test, even a multi-axial test.

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    I'll bet u didn't notice that the first question salmon was capitalized and the others weren't. In a true iq test the questions are designed with each answer being right to some degree but with different meanings and levels of trueness

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    9/10.  Thought it was Bombay because Delhi, not Bombay, is the capital of India.  Forgot that Brasilia is the capital of Brazil.

    Also, Pluto isn't a planet, but it was considered one in the 1980s.

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    According to me? Or according to Kasparov?

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    Pluto is no longer a planet...

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    pt1992 wrote:

    This test measures actual knowledge, which shouldn't have anything to do with IQ.


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    I'll bet u didn't notice that the first question salmon was capitalized and the others weren't.

    I'll bet you didn't notice you were necromancering a 4 month old thread ;).

    The original test is really poor test design...if you are really testing for pattern recognition, you don't create questions that require memorization/ learned knowledge like capitals, planets, etc. you pick things that eliminate those factors for a more accurate result.

    Testing is a very poor approximation via sampling that is used to stick people into labeled categories.  Test taking is a skill that can be built up to get you into categories that you may not fit into.  I have a 138 IQ and a 1400 SAT score (2100 by today's standard) and I'll be the first one to say that they do not prove much.

    Multiple choice is the bane of good education ;).  In college I used to go to my friend's midterms and finals and take the tests for their classes...and most teachers are terrible at test writing, let me tell you.  I could have passed many classes that I never took.  Many teachers telegraph the right answers in the wording of their questions/answer selections. 

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    Sorry to be mean but this test is shit. lol

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    Interesting little quiz...The odd one out on number one should have been Salmon because it was capitalized and

    the other choices were not. I chose Hermes on one of the selections because it was a large department store and the others were not. I agree with a previous poster that this test was one of general knowledge with a bit of pattern recognition tossed in. Further...Isn't Washington a proper name or a State? Design issues...

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    haha i am genius ... 

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    Something that cheer up my day, after burying myself in equations since this morning..Thanks

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    dat 8... I just say 144 being the only number with the same digit twice and didn't even look at the rest anymore :P

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    MsJean wrote:

    10. 22. The upper row numbers increment by 2, 3 and 4. The lower row by 3, 5 and 7. 

    I don't get it. Nice general knowledge test, it was only 60 points out on my IQ, not too bad. The horrendousness of this test aside, I seriously don't understand this explanation to question 10 at all.

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    I care enough to bump this but not enough to read through more than 200 posts to find my answer. Anybody sympathetic?

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    This is not even a real IQ test, this is just general knowledge.
    I have done an actual, official IQ test that lasted for over 2 hours or so, where you even had to draw, tell stories you had to make up on your own, read out loud, explain unknown (even not really existing or ancient) words, etc.
    No offense, this is just pure bull.
    There I scored 127, if I remember correctly, but I still don't believe there is a big connection between IQ and chess.
    According to the IQ test, I have a fairly good score, 'superior' by definiton (6-7% of all population), especially in abstract thinking, use of logic, and non-verbal understanding.
    Yet, I'm terrible at chess.

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    This can't possibly count towards your IQ. This is general knowledge, which is not what the IQ is based on. Tongue Out

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    well atleast i know i am just average... could be worse? hehe

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