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      Under category, put it in the RIGHT FORUMYell  --GAME ANALYSIS!                                            That will keep half the spam and trolls outWink

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    Dwighd wrote:

    What's the best way to contact Erik Allebest?  I am not quite sure how to do this, especially since I do not know who handles what, and I am unaware of a directory or organization chart with contact information to direct my questions properly...

    Hi Dwighd,

    The official FAQs can be found on the Help & Support page - there's also a link at the bottom of most pages that will take you there. That page has the option to Contact the support team, which you can get to directly using this link.

    The About page (also linked at the bottom of each screen) has a map of who's who in the zoo: you might not be able to send a message directly to a staff member (including Erik), but Erik's left his profile open for user notes, and you should be able to post something there that he will see and respond to. Shaun McCoy is the head of support and is someone else you could reach out to.

    I've seen a lot of forum posts that seem to suggest that the ads are started to create more delays than they used to, and I'm sure that's something Erik and the team would be keen to follow up on.

    Thanks again

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