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Lag (renamed)

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    Interesting that none of the responses answered my question.

    Even if, as Phren says, Bullet is not chess.....

    Why have pre-moves? Why not make the game entirely the result of human manual decisions under excessive time constraints?

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    elephant23 wrote:

    Interesting that none of the responses answered my question. Cry

    Even if, as Phren says, Bullet is not chess.....

    Why have pre-moves? Why not make the game entirely the result of human manual decisions under excessive time constraints?

    Your story has touched my heart.

    So let's tackle the unanswered part of your question head on, okay?



    Often, a player will make certain moves in the opening with very limited variations.

    (It's not they are mindlessly approaching the first few moves, it's just they've found an opening system that works for them and they repeat it complete with proven responses to the most common move replies.)


    So to free you up from having to wait on those "already anticipated" responses and waste time in the process, your premoves feature provides you...


     -- the convenience of being able to automate the moves in advance.


    Now, mind you...No one "forces" you or any other player to use this option...

    it's just provided as a beneficial feature for those who do wish to exercise it.


    So if they already have a dependable system of moves in a given situation, they can now simply make a few of them in advance and not be punished by having time deducted when they already had them prepared anyway.

    So basically, use them if you want.

    Don't use them if you don't want to.

    It's completely up to you and in your control as an option provided.


    It's not exclusively limited to the opening either.


    If you've ever played turn based games here on Chess.com then you may be familiar with a similar feature called "conditional moves".

    This is where you can preset automatic responses to your opponent's moves on the condition they move where you anticipate.

    It's the same principle at work for you.


    Basically premoves, like conditional moves, is strictly an optional feature which can benefit you if you choose to use it correctly.


    Can it provide you an advantage?


    Like most tools designed to automate manual tasks or make life easier in ways like that, the one who learns to use the tool skillfully can wield an advantage over someone who has determined not to learn because they don't like it.

    However, the same person who was once "anti-tech" as of yesterday, could today begin to take the time and practice to learn how to use the tool and enjoy the same advantage of possessing a practiced skill if they so decide.

    So now you have the scoop on premoves.

    I hope it helps you and others who may have wondered the same thing but just didn't ask.

    Now as far as choosing how you'll avail yourself of this knowledge or even use it at all...

    It's your move!

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    Hmmm... almost persuasive.

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    Ah, Mr. Learning, I neglected to thank you for your thoughtful response.

    So thanks.

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    Lag cheating is technically possible and difficult to distinguish by any anti-cheating methods deployed today, and especially over the course of one game. That's because some element of lag exists naturally on the internet even if there is no cheating going on.

    Which is why most websites including chess.com are kinda in denial about lag cheating. They will say it's impossible, or that adequate countermeasures have been deployed. Wait for it...staff will weigh in shortly and/or delete my post.

    Plus when lag is combined with pre-moves, it can appear your opponent is making two moves in a row or making illegal moves because the position you see on YOUR screen is not the actual game position on the server.

    Pre-moves are a live chess option, not just live chess bullet. If you don't like pre-moves don't use them but you can't stop your opponent on chess.com from doing so. You could try slower time controls perhaps, or another website that does not allow premoves (or where both players must agree to premoves).

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    pitono wrote:

    I still don't understand, so where can I set my premoves ?

    Go to live chess, click on settings (top right).

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    On the topic of cheating Chess.com needs to have a name and shame list. Recently i was on vacation and played chess on my mobile phone.....small screen not as good....but regularly made my moves. Suddenly one day I looked at the board and was 100% SURE that was not the position of pieces as to the previous play. I continued playing after WARNING my tournament opponent to stop cheating and the play got worse.MOVES were made on my behalf which did not come from me and play advanced so that my opponent was ,,,,"winning" so I did not resume the game. I think looking back this has happened before but I thought it was my memory of the game and continued play in those Tournaments.NOW I NAME AND SHAME and the opponemt can explain themselves.  Try playing Mandja 960 and you will understand my shock

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