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    "Offering a Challenge - To challenge one player specifically, the easiest way is to click on their name in the 'Challenges' or 'Friends' tab and then using the popup choose 'Challenge to a game'."

    In my Live Chess section, I do not have a Challenges tab. How would I challenge a player in Live Chess who is not on the Friends list?   Thanks.

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    When you're in the live chess platform, you can create a challenge by using new game options (http://puu.sh/1mhYF) , or you can accept an already existing challenge by clicking on one of the dots on the graph or going to the games tab and then to the seeks menu (http://puu.sh/1mhZd).

    Hope that helps :)

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    Thank you for replying jac1yn.

    Regarding the new game options, is that not available for anyone to accept?

    My question has to do with challenging a specific player in Live Chess, not just anyone.

    Outside of the Friends List, how to I do that?

    I don't have the Challenges tab. How do I go about getting that tab?

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    To challenge a specific player, you can go through the list of players online by going to the Game tab, and then players.  Just hit the play button next to their name.

    The Challenges tab has actually been included in the Games tab under "seeks" :)

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    Thanks for that, jac1yn, good information to know.

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    Have just drawn against a relatively higher ranked player, I want to savour this before I accept his challenge for another game. Do challenges expire automatically? How long do I have to accept or reject
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    Anyone want to challenge me? I'll take anyone anywhere anytime.

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