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How many correspondence chess games can I play at a time?

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    skakmadurinn wrote:

    Unfortunately many people on the forums are rude.

    Answer to question: http://www.chess.com/forum/view/help-support/online-chess17


    How to report: http://support.chess.com/Tickets/Submit/RenderForm/20

    Thank you, I have just now sent a report.

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    I was wondering this too.  I was just looking to start a game with "open seeks" and there was this person who filled up the seeks.  I came back later, and same guy with all the seeks filled.

    I went to view his /her page, and saw his adverage game lasted 3 days, and 3 to 8 moves.  I saw very few games that went above 10 moves, although there were some.

    This tells me he isn't really into playing, but is giving the site a bad feel, especially to a new member.  Well, my feelings anyway.

    I fairly new too, and don't feel I have the right to "red flag" someone, so, what should I do, other than just not play him, which I'm not.  But I am wondering about new players who may be turned off by this "abuse".  Yes, my opinion, but hey I have one.

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    I forgot to say he has 1705 games going right now.  Playing 18 hours a day, if I figured right, that's about 94 moves an hour.  I allowed for sleep (6 hours) and meals while he is playing. 

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