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    my play is restricted but I have not violated any policy

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    same case for me!

    i have this messag:

    You currently cannot join tournaments. Your play is restricted because you have not followed our Fair Play Policy which discourages disconnecting, intentional stalling, etc. However, you are allowed to still play with friends. You may play openly again after finishing more games with fair play. If you feel this is an error, please contact Chess.com support.


    i've never been disconnected intentionaly...

    can somebody help me with that plz ?

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    You need to send an email to chess.com help & support....they will take care of your problem asap.

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    done, thank you :)

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    i never cancel games intentionaly!!!!!!!

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #6


    this is a stupid and lame interference by chess.com

    totally unnecessary

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    i have played 3 fare game at a time with no error then suddenly your game is restricted,there is somehing wrong in software,aborted by server then your game restricted

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    daemonheart.. Same story for me. If I had intentionally quit , then I will loose . I won most of previous games and lost one today which I resigned. Why then like this 

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