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Serious lag on livechess

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    So, I have a 10 MB/sec fiber optic connection, and a quad core PC with 8 GB of memory. I know it's not my computer or my internet that's causing lag in live chess. However the moves are so slow in coming that I lose almost 2 secs per move (somehow, including premoves), I can't see what premoves I've made, and I can't see what the other player is playing. Even when it says I have a good connection. Though, I'm not sure why I would ever have a bad one.

    Are you guys getting more servers, or is there just too much traffic, or does Java suck? Can anyone tell me why this is happening? It's so bad that I can't play any blitz or bullet chess.

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    I have a bottom of the line poop-butt laptop with 3 gb ram and an internet connecttion that is 1.5 mb.  I have no problem palying 3 minute games.

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