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Tactic trainer bug (computer wont start first move)

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    There is a game in tactic trainer, in which each time i got that certain game, its waiting for computer move and the computer is never moving. All other puzles do work fine its just this 1 puzzle that hangs every time, and wont go away, each time i log on i get it.
    it looks like this :

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    I have the same problem with an other puzzle. The computer does not move. 

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #3


    I have experienced this issue with yet another puzzle.

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    I have the same issue. It's been on the same puzzle for two days.

    I leave the site. When I return and try to start Tactics Trainer, it's right back to the same puzzle and it waits and waits.

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    I have exactly the same problem with another puzzle. The computer does not move. I tried this with Firefox and Opera and I always get the same puzzle.

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    i subscribed here to get some more tactic puzles, now it hangs each time and i cannt play much tactic puzles so i wonder where i pay for. And the problem is it keeps getting back this puzzle i like to be able to skip it.

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    Sounds like they have a system problem that needs fixed. Hopefully they will fix it soon or I'm going to ask for a refund.

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #8


    having same problems as PeterArt on same diagram.  Can anyone give  solution to this problem please

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #9


    maybe we should all send the admin a note . . . .  Click "Help & Support" at the button of this page and follow the instructions . . . .

  • 23 months ago · Quote · #10


    Thanks Wolfgang we indeed all should do that, at first i didnt knew where help support was hiding.. because as it is a bug which is new to them its not in their frequent asked problems section.

    You got to go to the left there to contact support..
    Or just use this hyperlink as i copied it, as it might be hard to find.

    BTW perhaps we should sugest them to have skip game option.
    As their mobile chess tactics client is also able to skip games.

  • 23 months ago · Quote · #11


    This tactic has been identified and will be corrected in the morning. Smile

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