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That's not right!

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    I have/had my play restricted for abandoning games etc...(this is because I play usually very late into the night and I am often falling asleep at my desk right in the middle of a game)....but my problem is that when I am restricted, I click on 'play' to search for someone in the world to play against, and then THEY abort and I can't play a game for 5 minutes! I know 5 minutes is not a long time, but if I have to wait 5 minutes between games to be able to play, it should be because I did something like aborting or abandoning, not when the other person does it!?!?

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     Your worse then me.3/4 a.m. i get up for chess.com puzzles.

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    You did abandon. Whether you are awake or not, some other person is sitting on the other end wanting to finish their game.

    Here's an easy solution. Get some sleep. Play the game when you're awake. Problem solved.

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    @blacksabbathite- Are you still having troubles with games being aborted? What browser and operating system are you using?

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