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Server suddenly very slow

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #1


    Since a couple of days the server in live chess is very slow, what have you done chess.com? Blitz and Bullet is no longer playable.

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #2


    I'm new to the site and just tearing it up. With my play, I'd expect the site to drag for months.....

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #3


    Currently i'm using an alternative chess site to play.

    There's a serious problem with the chess.com server.

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #4


    You must have changed something chess.com, the speed was very good before. What's your reply?

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #5


    I agree. 

    Suddenly about 24 hours ago a lot of lag appeared.

    I never had such a problem before.

    now its unplayable on blitz and lightning

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #6


    We are on this. Should be better soon. Thank you!

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #7


    whats the problem with the site suddenly connection have been lost..

  • 6 months ago · Quote · #8


    Thank you so much for reducing the server performance, now i'm playing only 30 minutes games, which are much better for the playing strength.

  • 4 months ago · Quote · #9


    why is this connection reconnecting happened from site side.plz do something for resolve this issue.

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