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1-0 or 1/2-1/2

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    I'm wondering... after 1...g5 2. hxg5 Kf5 3. g6 Kxg6 4. Kxb5 h4 5. Kc4 Kf5, why can't White try 6. Kd3? White gets to f1 at the same time Black gets to g3 and he can use the b-pawn to play for a win.

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    Derp. Another of my oversights. You're right there. Let's try again. 1...g5 2. hxg5 Kf5 3. g6 Kxg6 4. Kxb5 Kf5 (4...h4?? loses as you said) 5. Kc4 Kf4. Now white loses the g-pawn and can only let black get the h-pawn on the seventh when he queens.

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