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ambiguous problems

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    Let's make it happen!

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    (this one fixed)

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    sisu wrote:

    And what is this problem?? 2500 rated but that is probably because you stare at it for ages trying to find the tactic, and your time runs out so the "puzzle" maintains its high rating. Eventually you just play the best move which happens to lead to Black suiciding on the very next move. 

    Come on, this is ridiculous! 

    haha 1...Ke7 thats awesome! Who makes these puzzles? Laughing

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    The problem with chess.com is that they are trying to create a business model which fuels and builds itself  (users create content FOR them, for free in perpetuity...so the site has enormous content, but the quality is low).

    To hire somebody to check all the puzzles for accuracy would defeat the purpose.

    In my opinion, it would be better to buy or aquire the rights to the great CT-Art software or similar and then code it to "plug in" to the site.

    Having beginners with engines submitting puzzles for players to solve is lame, and mistakes are inevitable.

    When solving a problem often one faces the situation of entering a WINNING move which ANY strong human would play (after which defence is impossible), and being told "WRONG!" because Houdini prefers another move which scores .24 higher, but keeps the game on a razor edge.


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    Let's make it happen!

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    Another blue line.

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    Let's make it happen!

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    i still think if it looks like a chick and talks like a chick, it's a chick.

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    (this one fixed)

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    They read this thread... as you can see below Laughing.

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    ilikeflags wrote:

    once i was driving and i saw this really hot chick from behind, so i honked and whistled...  turned out it was a skinny dude.  no shame in that at all.  we had a cup of coffee.


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    So I turn on tactics trainer after a few weeks break to see if anything has changed. First puzzle was ok, but the next two were ambiguous/cooked:



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