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Can you solve this mate in 4?

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #1


    Hello everyone. I made a funny chess problem. Please don't post the answer if you use an engine. Happy solving Wink:

                              White mates in 4

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #2


    That's really awesome! :D

    HINT: Every piece is useful!


  • 3 years ago · Quote · #3


    Thanks ChessisGood, I think it's also awesome :). 

    Thanks for the compliments Cool, and thanks for not displaying the answer Laughing.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #4


    I also think this puzzle is hard, I will submit another puzzle like this later, after this is solved Laughing.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #5


    At first I looked at the possibility of a discovered mate theme. Something like 1. Bg1 a5 2. Rf2 Kd4 3. Rf4#. Of course that fails to 2... Ke3.


    Then I considered a different mating net that also uses the a4 pawn. 1. Ba3 a5 2. Bc1 Kd4 3. Kd6 with 4. Rf4# next. But of course, here black has 1... Ke3 once more.


    So I tried a more direct approach. Here's the solution:

    1. Kd6 (not 1. Bd4?) a5 2. Bd4! Kxd4 3. Re5 Kc4 4. Re4#.

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  • 3 years ago · Quote · #7


    Congratulations Shoopi!!. 1.Kd6! is the correct answer. Here is a puzzle with the answer:

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #8


    This was a marvelous puzzle, would be in the advanced category! You said it was your composition. I wanted to work it out on my own but I saw the first move, darn, but still it was a great problem even in three! But for the first move Bd4 would work also, if I done it right? try it? 

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #9


    yes..  i got it

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #10


    Sorry GhostNight, but 1.Bd4 doesn't put black into zugzwang. He isn't forced to play a5. Here is a diagram:

    But thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you liked it!! Cool.

    Well Suvel_Karmarkar, congratulations if you solved it!. It was quite a hard puzzle.

    Thanks for the compliments Doduobird123. Thanks for the attempt Laughing, it was quite wonderful.

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #11


    Any more problems?

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #12


    did this in 0.00 sec

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #13


    Gosh, I apologize, thanks for explaining! Embarassed I would call that problem "The perfect zugzwang"!

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #14


    houdini1_5a wrote:

    did this in 0.00 sec

    Haha, I get the joke Laughing.

    Yes Chessusilo, click here to go to the mate in 3!. Good luck

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #15


    not a joke, i reallY DID THAT.

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