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EDIT - What is White's Best Move?

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    This is Judit Polgar - Sukh Singh after 27.Rf1-c1 Rf8-c8 Hastings, 1988 (Sicilian Defense Scheveningen, Classical Variation  B84)

    Black has now 3 units (Q+2R) attacking White's P@c6 and White has only 2 units defending (Q+R). 

    Is White's c-pawn doomed? Can White save the pawn? What is White's best move here?

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    I wracked my brain on this one. I liked 28.Rb7, but I couldn't see a decisive continuation after 28...Qd6. White stood better, I thought, but no forced win.

    And I think I was right! After 28.Rb7, Singh unwisely took the pawn  28...Qxc6, Now 29.Bxd5 yields a win in every variation. 29...Nxd5?? 30.Qg7 mate! 29...Qxc3 30.Bxe6+ Kh8 31.bxc3 with an extra rook. Or the game continuation 29...Qxd5 30.Qxc8+ and Black's position is hopeless

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    I see that while I was slowly typing my response, IM pfen beat me to it, and in far fewer words!

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    In any case the best move was asked for and Rb7 is surely it. White should win, maybe by taking the a-pawn or just pushing the b-pawn.

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    Ok, my bad. I'll trust your judgement on that one of course.

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