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Very hard puzzle from one of my games

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    Could you post what type of tactic is used?

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    Qa5 looks promising. Right idea or bad idea?

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    No, if Qa5, then Ra6 and white will promote.

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    There's no perpetual check…

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    After Nf1 or b1, I was thinking Qe1 and promote my own pawn. Material should equal out at the end for all the branches I calculated.

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    I didn't use a computer for this, there might be a flaw, but I don't think white can promote and win.
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    I agree with your calculations, falcongrine.  If white should promote, Rxa8 and white plays Qxa8 and gets a check and black plays Kh7, but now the black queen is protecting e4 so white cannot do much better.  If white takes the black bishop (Qxa3) then black promotes and has 2 queens on the 1st row

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    I looked it up with an engine, and although Qa5 is the best move for black, the position is winning for white. The correct response for white is Rc2, but the position may be drawn if white promotes.

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    Uhhh... I used chess.com's iOs engine. [awkward embarrased laugh]

    P.S. Can you post the PGN for the game please?

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    i was watching this game, but the position was too complicated that i left without watching it

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    It is easy for black to win.

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