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How much is your beer?

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    I am wondering how much one pays for their beer, depending on the country.

    Considering only store-bought beer as opposed to pub-bought:

    Here in beertopia (Pacific NW USA) I see a typical advert for

    Coors/Budweiser/Miller 24 pack 12 oz $17= $.059/oz

    Henry Weinhard's (slightly better beer) 12 x 12 oz $9= $.063 oz

    I'm leaving out the nice craft beers. They might be 6x12 oz $7-8-9

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    kco wrote:

    but (you dog !) you' ll have go by the metric if you can..here is goes..

    Cold Filtered (Carlton) 24x 375ml stubbies norm..$41 sale $32
    Corona                       24x 330ml              norm..$60 sale $50
    Emu Bitter                  30x375ml cans     atm buy 2 get 1 free
    Carlton Mid                 24x375ml bottles  $26.90  that is cheap to me and i normally buy those.  

    1 oz=29.6 ml (rounded up a tiny bit

    1 AUD = 0.935900 USD

    So for kco:

    Corona 24x 330 ml $50= 267.6 oz $46.80 US= $.175/oz

    Carlton Mid 24x375ml $26.90= 304 oz $25.18 US= $.083/oz

    It looks like you pay 1/3rd more for the cheap stuff if Carlton Mid= Miller/Bud

    If it's a worse bracket of beer, then we'd be comparing to lesser American corporate beer, which would be cheaper yet.

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    I'm pretty sure "How much is your beer?" is one of the best forum thread headings I've ever read!Laughing

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    Regular price in Tasmania for Boags and Cascade Draught is $37 (24x330ml) at 4.8% alcohol

    So thats: 267.6oz $34.63 US = $0.129/oz

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    Is Boags and Cascade Draught average brew? Better than average?

    The only Aussie beer I have a good handle on is Foster's (which is pretty popular here in those big cans).

    It's okay, not great by any means. Is it just average suds there?

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    kco wrote:

    I prefer Boags over Foster's

    If it's equivalent to Weinhard's, then it costs twice as much.

    I'm afraid to ask what beer goes for in Euro-land.

    More than 20 years ago I was spending months and months in Mexico and Central America. Generally things were quite cheap there. Food and lodging was like going back to 1950 prices but beer deals were very hard to find.

    Mexican beer can be pretty okay so I was hoping!

    The best deal was some guy walking along the beach near the nice hotels in Mazatlan, and he was selling little 4-packs of Dos Equis, with a little professional cardboard top holding all four of them in a row. $1 for all 4. That got my hopes up but I never saw a deal anywhere near as good for the rest of my stay.

    Beer in Guatemala and Honduras was nothing to write home about, and similarly priced like I would pay back home. I did find some draft beer in Guatemala that was pretty good though after suffering with bottles of Cabro, which was like the cheap beer I got back home, for the same price.

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    Boag's is a great solid beer in my opinion, real tasty. I do not like fosters, no one drinks it where I come from, I think it's more popular overseas than in Australia.

  • 4 years ago · Quote · #8


    I would love to taste the beer in Ireland

  • 4 years ago · Quote · #9


    Guinness tastes significantly better in Dublin.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #10


    I missed this thread the first time around.

    The beer I buy tends to be almost exclusively craft beer and so deviates somewhat from the norm pricewise, but a typical 24 pack (355 ml = 12 oz.) of mass-market lager is running around $33 CAD, or $0.115/oz.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #11


    canadian made Budweiser $2.25 per can.Average over 1 can,6 pack,8 pack,12 pack,15 pack,18 pack,24 can flat.Cost is about 60% provincial tax.That pays for our leaders to travel the world,promoting our exports,and drink cognac and scotch,on  middle class beer drinkers.

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    I ventured to the local convenience store--and they typically have prices that are a little better than the large grocery stores on several kinds of beer--and bought a six pack of corporate beer for drinking while watching movies etcetera.

    6x16 oz Pabst Blue Ribbon $4.59= $.0478/oz

    Pabst is okay but I don't want to go much lower.

    I still haven't heard from across the pond on how much they pay for what can be very nice beer. Some crippling price I suppose lol.

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    We have those mini-kegs, for example a 5 litre Widmer Hefeweizen, that sell for c. $20.

    That's $.118/oz, but that's for a nice quality beer.

    You can also get Miller and Bud and Heineken ones and you'd think you'd be getting a significantly better deal v. cans and bottles, as it seems like you're buying in bulk, but it doesn't seem to be so.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #14


    1 AUD = 1.057 USD

    so 66 AUD= $69.76 USD

    so...you are paying more than 3 times than what we pay (if we equate the Widmer to the Heineken...though the Widmer is a better class)

    Too much!

    I wonder how much of that is taxes. We are lightly taxed for beer. Especially in my state the beer tax is happily low.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #15


    I still have my ceramic flagon (hinged top) from long ago, as well as a plain glass one (no top, 1 quart) that now and again gets use--though more as a big glass for ice+tea on hot days.

    They are handy if you want to drink a lot quickly. Not really me these days though I can kill a six pack slowly.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #16


    The issuse here is most definitely hidden taxes.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #17


    nimzo5 wrote:

    Guinness tastes significantly better in Dublin.

     Headed to Dublin tomorrow.

    I have found certain stores (Chicago area) where: (All USD)

    Budweiser-$15-$17 per 24 can (12 oz.) case

    Heineken, Bass, and Harp-$12 per 12 pack (12 oz. bottles)

    Fat Tire and Guinness are always over $1 per beer.

    The 5L Heineken keg costs more per ounce than bottles.

    I think TheGrobe is correct regarding taxes.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #18


    TMIMITW wrote:
    I think TheGrobe is correct regarding taxes.

    If you buy any beer off the shelf please give us the prices/volume.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #19


    I saw a fairly aggressive price for Bud/Miller in the 5 litre mini-kegs--$16.77--but that's still just $.099/oz.

    Compared to price for the six pack of Pabst--which I consider in the same class of beer--that's still double.

    On a brighter note I found some MacTarnahan's Summer Grifter IPA for a dollar a bottle. I liked it a lot, but I am a hops fan for sure. Nice 6% brew.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #20


    goldendog wrote:
    TMIMITW wrote:
    I think TheGrobe is correct regarding taxes.

    If you buy any beer off the shelf please give us the prices/volume.

     I did. All prices mentioned are from stores, not pubs. What do you want to know?

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