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I hate all of those goshd--n GOOFY Avatars !

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    Oh right. Like crustypants aka stnapytsurc. ;)

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    kayak21 wrote:

    I thought you could only change your username once. ;)

    --- Good question, I for one have no idea how many times a person can change their username and still keep the same account.

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    Finding the funniest avatar here is not an easy task. Someone has a cute one that is a cartoon drawing of the Cookie Monster sitting by his computer he says " Delete Cookies ? " ( with a look of alarm and shock on his face ). Very Good !

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    That is good.

    I like this one.


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    AlCzervik wrote:

    That is good.

    I like this one.

    --- Thanks for the new post and picture AlCzervik.


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