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Odds & Ends ( etc )

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    kaynight wrote:

    They've relocated to Chess.com, cab.

    --- Thanks for the new posts.

    Kaynight: Well I think that we have some very nice people here, however there are of course also the " Others ".

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    AlCzervik wrote:

    Commin sense isn't so common, cabby.

    (now, where did I leave that lit cigarette?)

    --- Yes the only lucky thing about that story is that nobody was killed. 

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    Well hey old cabby got back in again. Yesterday I had a very busy day here with lots of yardwork ( etc ) and it was quite late when I tried to sign onto this site. However for some reason my old antique machine did not want to work at all with this site, anyone else have any problems ?

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    Well shall we give out the " Dunce Of The Year " award now even tho it is only July ? So let us say that you are in the southern part of the USA ( Alabama perhaps ) and you come to a body of water which has a sign indicating that there is danger from Alligators. Now it happens to be 2 AM and you might be a bit tipsy but would you go swimming or not ? Well our hero did the other night and we must now use the past tense to talk about the poor fellow, yup afraid so.

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     The (house) cat that slaps gators.

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    Thanks a lot for the info Joseph-S.

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