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    corrijean wrote:

    It's very handy for gardening, too.

    --- Thanks for the post Corriejean. Yes a very good point. When they finished getting energy ( ie: biogas ) from this stuff they then take it back out to the farms for fertilizer. Energy and fertilizer from manure, it's a win - win.

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    Sometimes one sees sad news that is still interesting. Many of us that are cartoon fans like Bugs Bunny and his many pals including the rather loud Tasmanian Devil. The May 2014 issue of " Discover " magazine mentions that the noisy lttle devils are dying off rather quickly. A very strange type of cancer is killing these animals and Scientists seem to be stumped.This cancer spreads from animal to animal like a virus and more info is being sought but time is getting short as the poor little devils continue to disappear. 

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    I am sure it is confirmation bias on my part, but it seems that Australian animals get a lot of weird diseases.

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