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    Hope the driver was breathalysed.

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    Thanks for the new posts.

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    Ivandh: Yes it could turn into quite a court case. Google has a lot of money so that would probably mean a hearing at the US Supreme Court. Perhaps they could get R2D2 from the Star War films to be a witness. Lawyer: " Now R2D2 in your opinion could a computer make an error ? "   R2D2: " Beep Beep Beep ( etc etc ) ". 

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    Kaynight: Well the thing is as the car was self-driving any and all passengers in the car could be drunk and it wouldn't matter. I assume that I may be correct there as no human hand was driving the car. Btw if this type of car cuts you off in traffic who do you give the finger too ?  rofl.   

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    Recently I had to send out a cheque to pay my phone bill and a question occured to me: Are others out there still using the old system of writing cheques ? Thinking back about 20 or more years ( seems like just yesterday ) I remember paying for food at the supermarket by cheque as well as all of my utilities etc etc. Even more important, at one point some years ago I still got my wages in the form of written cheques as well. 

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    Cheques are not used much now in the U.K... Except for small businesses.. Dance schools and the like.

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    Thanks for the info Kaynight. Sometimes I wonder if anyone under 30 yrs even owns a chequebook ? 

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    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone in the USA !!!   ---   Yes indeed it is Gobble - Gobble Day for our neighbours on the South side of our border. So let's get out there and catch those wild turkeys !

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    READY ! SET ! GO !!!   ---   Yes the big bad " Black Friday " is a Go ! Earlier this morning I was listening to a early morning radio show from Calgary Alberta and even up North here some Malls were opening at 6 AM ( and a few hearty early birds were waiting at the doors  lol ). 

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