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    You should have gone to Wisconsin. They have real food there.

    LoL just kidding, even with all the mayo in the slaw the TI dressing still is needed and makes the sammich. Sounds Interesting and delish.

    Biggest best and best selection of burgers was Wisconsin, for me, also because they seem to cherish the mom n pop places. And even the chain restaurants are localized just to that region.

    I asked a younger than me guy, "hey, where can i go to get the biggest best burger". He tellls me a place and adds, "its 4000 calaries going down and five minutes after you're done you say to yourself, why the f did I just eat that?" I was sold! So we go there and sure enough 5 minutes after finishing, back in the car with the seat now reclined, on the verge of passing out with labored shallow breathing, I go, "Why the F did I just eat that?

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