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Some Favourite Movies

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    Earlier today I had the chance to watch a fairly recent film which does however cover an era going back quite a few years in Hollywood. This movie features Anothny Hopkins, Helen Mirren ( etc ) and is entitled " Hitchcock ". A very good film about one of the great directors of all time. 

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    Just had the chance to watch an older film, this one going back to the events of WW Two. It stars Kenneth More and is entitled " Sink The Bismark ", quite a well made movie.

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    Recently James Best passed away, perhaps known mainly these days for his role on " The Dukes Of Hazzard ", however he also appeared in a lot of films as well. Those of us who are fans of James Steward may remember a very well made movie entitled " Shenandoah ". James Best also appeared in that picture, he is featured during the main battle scenes. In order to make a film it is often quite important to fill the small roles with good actors and James Best did many of those types of roles.

    Richard Dysart recently passed away as well and he also made a career out of doing smaller parts. The film " Being There " with Peter Sellers is a film that I like very much and Dysart also appeared in that film ( he is seen early in the movie where he tells Sellers to move out of the house ).

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    The other day I had the chance to again watch a good film entitled " The Monuments Men ". I may have mentioned this film before but as I paid full price for the DVD I'll post about it again  lol. This nice movie stars George Clooney ( who also directed ), Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Cate Blanchett etc. It deals with the recovery of stolen art at the end of WW II.

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        I'm surprised Hollywood didn't care for Monuments MenUndecided  George has a new one out now.  I still have to watch, "Men Who Stare At Goats".Frown And the astronaut one with Sandra BullockCry

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