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Some Favourite Movies

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    There has been another loss in Hollywood. I just saw the news flash that Lauren Bacall has passed away at age 89. Of course she goes way gack to the old days in the film industry, when the Warner Brothers ran the studio that carried their name and LB Mayer was a big wheel at MGM. 

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                   Ok Mr Demille, I'm ready for my close-up!Laughing

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

                   Ok Mr Demille, I'm ready for my close-up!

    --- Thanks for the post RonaldJosephCote. Yes those were the old days of Hollywood. You had a contract with a Studio and they owned you outright.

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    There has been another loss in the movie world. Richard Attenborough was well known both as an Actor and as a Director ( passed away at age 90 ). Needless to say he will of course be remembered for his role as " Big X " in the " Great Escape " ). I also liked him very much for his supporting performance in the original " Flight Of The Phoenix ", a good film that has slipped under the radar ( as it did even when first released ). 

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    On the directing side we need to mention only one name in regards to Richard's work, of course that name is " Gandhi ". ( I forgot to add this item yesterday ).

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