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Some Favourite Movies

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    Many people ( myself included ) have enjoyed the Lord Of The Rings movies that were very popular a few years back. In order to make a good adventure film it is often a good idea to have a nasty villain of two. Well we just lost an actor who could play a pretty mean bad guy in Christopher Lee who was the " Evil Wizzard " in the LOTR films. For James Bond fans he was " The Man With The Golden Gun " and before that he had a tendency to bite people in the neck. Lee liked to keep very busy and appeared in over 200 movies in total. 

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    That biting thing may have helped him.Undecided  I heard he was in his 90'sLaughing RIP.

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

    That biting thing may have helped him.  I heard he was in his 90's RIP.

    --- Yes good point  lol. I once saw him in a film where he played Rasputin, he was quite good at playing bad guys.

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    The other day another Star from the world of film passed away when we lost Omar Sharif at the age of 83. Many of us will remember the opening scenes of " Lawrence Of Arabia " when Sharif's character comes riding along across the unending sands on his camel. Then of course there was " Doctor Zhivago ", winner of 5 Academy Awards in 1965 ( being in a couple of the best movies ever made, not bad ). 

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    " What Just Happened " featuring Robert De Niro is an interesting film about a Hollywood Producer that lets us look into the film business for a short time. I bought the DVD of this movie because De Niro is in it and I enjoyed the film very much. Among the other players in this picture are John Turturro, Bruce Willis and Sean Penn.

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