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Some Favourite Movies

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    Just finished "The Hurt Locker" literally a couple hours ago, and I gotta tell you, it lived up to what I expected from an Oscar-winning war/action/thriller.  I enjoyed its non-lininar story.  Instead of one main driving force, i.e. a "mad" bomber loose in Bagdad, it simply focuses on the missions of the three EOD team members and how they deal with war, their job, Iraq, and each other.

    Was it Hollywood-ized?  Definitely, but I'm not surprised.  It is a movie after all.  And for what it was trying to do, showcase three soldier's ways of dealing with war, it succeeded.  And, since I'm not an EOD Tech (yet), I can't attest to the level of leway the film-makers took in the tactics shown.  (Though I've heard its quite a lot).

    All in all, I freak'n loved this movie, and it definately diserved the Oscar.  (More than Avatar, which, while visually stunning, lacked substanciality, and basically everything else.)


    My rating: ****

    Favorite character: All the British contractors, especially the leader.

    Favorite line: "The way you don't die, sir"

    Favorite scene: The last one

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                       I think John Landis is working on Avatar 2

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    Thanks for the posts.

    One Hollywood Actor who was larger than life in more ways than one was Richard Kiel who has just passed away at age 74. He is of course well known as " Jaws " in two of the Bond films ( the ones with Roger Moore ). I also remember him from " The Silver Streak ", a good little movie that I liked very much.  

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    He was also in the original (& much better) "The Longest Yard."

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                 Did he play Lurch on the Adams Family ??         (edit;  thanks Javan) dam, 46 ??  that's too young

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    No, the original Lurch in the Addams Familly was played by Ted Cassidy, who died at in 1979 at the age of 46, from complications of open heart surgery.

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    Kiel was also in Happy Gilmore.

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    Thanks for the posts.

    Recently I had the chance to buy a boxed set of older movie left over from the100th anniversary of Universal Pictures ( 1912 - 2012 ). One of the films in this set is " My Little Chickadee " with Mae West and WC Fields. I had never seen this comedy in its full length and they certainly have a lot of fun doing a sendup of the old Westerns. Both of these Stars were of course quite famous in their day and one thing that I learned was that West & Fields wrote the screenplay for this film ( not too many people in Hollywood got to do that in the Studio days ). 

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    All I know of Mae West is that pilots called their life vests after her, ahem, prominent aesthetic features.

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    ivandh wrote:

    All I know of Mae West is that pilots called their life vests after her, ahem, prominent aesthetic features.

    --- Thanks for the post Ivandh. Now that you mention it I also remember that nick-name for life-vests  lol.

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    Thanks for the post Javan64. I enjoy the films of WC Fields very much and I'm also quite fond of Laurel & Hardy movies as well, very funny treasures from back in the old days.

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                  Did anybody catch this on CNN this past week. In a Calif desert, someone dug up what they thought was an Egyptian Sphinks. It caused quite a stir until some archeologist connected the dots.  In 1903 Cecil B. DeMille made a silent movie called, "The 10 Commandments"  He had 5 of these Sphinks as props. They weighd tons, so at the end of filming, they just buried them in the desert instead of bringing them back to the studios. Movie props buried for 111 yrs.  The're about 40 feet tall. 

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