The Beatles or The Rolling Stones or who ? ( or even the Who ? )

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    Well things keep changing as time moves along. The Columbia Broadcasting System ( CBS ) not only had the TV network but also owned Columbia Records. I gather that Columbia House was part of the same group having record, music-tape  and CD clubs at different times over many years. Well it seems that Columbia House is no more, yup gone to the old junk heap. Back in the late 1960s I got my first record player thru them, can't remember the price tho.

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    We lost a performer from the music scene the other day with the passing of Billy-Joe Royal at age 77. He had a nice hit with " Down In The Boondocks " and also spent some time in the Country-music field as well.

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    I see thar Ringo Starr is out touring again with his pals. I do luv his " We All Live In A Yellow Submarine " song. 

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    I had a flashback to the mid-1970 recently and a name came back to me from many years ago: Don Kirshner. I worked a lot of shift-work in those days and I remember coming home near midnight on Saturdays, just in time for Don Kirshner's Rock Concerts. I see a lot of those shows are now up on Youtube, very nice.

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    Earlier I had the 50's channel going on my radio and they played Big Joe Turner's version of " Shake, Rattle & Roll ". Most of us have heard the version of this song done by Bill Haley & His Comets but I also like Turner's recording as well. 

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    Another cute song that they played earlier today sort of tells the story of my life. It was " Too Much Monkey Business " sung by Chuck Berry  lol.

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    Chuck Berry with Keith Richards

    performing... a great song Wink

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    Oh Eseles you have posted some true Gold, Thanks very much !

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    Earlier today I was listening to CBC radio and they were doing an interview with Tracy Chapman where I found out that Tracy had been on Letterman's show earlier this year. With luck this item was up on Youtube and Chapman did a beautiful job with " Stand By Me ". Then I found a terrific clip from a different show where Eric Clapton joined Tracy Chapman doing her big hit entitled " Give Me One Reason ", very very nice. 

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