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    I like chess a lot and have two months too much time on my hand (between college sems) So I figured why not?! The Instructional videos are what I like about my membership the most. Oh and the live analysis too.

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    The videos are why I became a premium member.

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    1) I wanted to support people who keep this wonderful site going.

    2) Chess mentor. Very nice, innovative and well structured method of learning.

    3) Chess videos. I was never big fun of them and always preferred books. But I have to admit that videos with commented games and strategy are very helpful and motivating.

    4) Auto-timeout protection. I've never timed out a game and usually play quite fast. But from time to time a break is needed and auto-timeout protection is a very convenient way to take vacation "right now" (contrary to normal vacation where you have to ensure that it is not your move in any of your games).

    5) Possibility to upgrade/downgrade membership at any moment. I didn't know this was possible when I've signed for diamond membership. But now I find it very useful as my availability and motivation are not always same.

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    I get more from Chess.com=Also I am suporting this websiteSmile

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    Are you guys still looking for more of these?

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