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Benjamin Hamp highest rated 5 year old by USCF.

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    I'd like to thank Kingdom_Hearts for the insightful and kind words about Benjamin. As his first teacher I encouraged his parents to keep him in Scholastic unrated tournaments, but there was little competition for him in them. His parents enrolled him in a professional chess club and school and in his first 2 months his rating peaked. He was thrown into games with teenagers and he just gave up. I told his parents to wait until he wants to play again. I am happy to report that he is enjoying playing Chess once again, but it is not an all consuming obsession and for that I'm happy. Benjamin is fluent in three languages and also possesses a gift for music. I am as proud of him as I ever have been.

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    Yeah, well, I could still beat him up.

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    Good job Benjamin.

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    @PearlFey, don't be so sure.

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