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copyright rules/ copying material form books for school curriculums

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    Need to get some info and feedback on this. I'm looking at making a school curriculum and like certain authors' work. I'm wondering how copying pages (say tactics puzzles) works in terms of copyright if I want to give out homework or make a diffinitive curriculum to throw into a binder would work. I've noticed some people on here say they like lev Alberts series for teaching so Im wondering if they make photocopies in those cases occasionally or if they've made something specific. Anyway any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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    I don't think the positions are copyright, but you may run into problems if you use annotations and (verbal) explanations. Also, I don't think you should copyt complete collections.

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    It should be OK to copy the puzzles to use for teaching purposes, it is a completely different story if you copy them all and publish them in a book as your own.  

    In fact, they have probably included puzzles that have errors in them.  That way, when those same errors show up in your book, they can clearly prove that the puzzles were all copied, as opposed to worked out by yourself, or collected together by yourself.

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    Use teaching sheets.

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