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I need a chess mentor

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    Try out the one on this site.

    Edit: Oh, I see Erik already beat me to it.

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    notmtwain wrote:
    TheChessMAINFRAME2 wrote:
    notmtwain wrote:

    Just be careful if someone says your Mentors want Diet Coke.

    Good Point! Computers don't Need Coke or Grass or ? 

    Haven't you ever seen the videos of the explosions you get when you mix the two?

    Why? You have so much to play for ..... stay with us. Ok you might not becomes a GM but it is not reason to end it.

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    im 1532

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    Online chess coach having 3 students from united states . Interested can add me on skype

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    Hi Iam a Professinal Chess Coach from India . I can Train you Online at reasonable prize. if ur interested add me on Skype(harish_chess) or visit my website www.udupichess.com

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