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Aborting online games

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    It would be nice in my opinion if it were possible to abort an online chess game within the first couple of moves, rather than just on the first move.

    I'm tired of getting burned accepting challenges from much lower rated players  who don't even return a greeting at the beginning. Those are exactly the kinds of games I'd like to drop like a hot rock but the window of opportunity closes a bit too soon.

    Even being able to abort on the second move would be a blessing.

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    I agree.  Why not say hello anyway at the start or good luck?

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    Especially with the rating differential and all the rating risk it entails, getting snubbed at the beginning sticks in my craw.

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    This thread has the potential to get nasty, 'cause I've seen them do so before...  But when I first learned how to play chess, I was taught to always say "good luck", and "good game"..... 

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