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chess pieces stick while you're moving them

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    It's gotten to where I never know if a piece is going to move or what it's going to do. I try to move something and it stops in the middle somewhere. Are there any other chess sites out there? This one is having major problems.

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    I haven't seen anything special.

    However, since your profile says you have spent more than half a year of the last two and a half years of your life playing more 10,864 ten minute games here, I assume you know what you are saying.

    Have you ever tried a premium membership here? They say you get faster load times and no ads.

    The other possibility is that you've worn out your mouse or something on your computer. 

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    I have the same issue as Billy, since this morning pieces are dropping while I'm still making a move. Also normally you can click on a piece and than click on a square to move it there. This also has been extremely buggy today.

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