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Connection to DGT boards

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    Would it be possible to either allow connection to a DTG board for playing on, or allow some of the 3rd party apps that are out there connect to chess.com and we can use our boards

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    was there any reply for this?  would love a DGT connection

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    My understanding that chess.com will not have this feature. I really wish I would allow dgt Eboard to connect. I do not if there is any app or 3rd party software that will allow the connection to chess.com.  I think is really a shame that the chess.com does not support the DGT e boards.

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    I too have a DGT board and if Chess.com refuses to jump on "board" with this new and wonderful trend, then I will not ever be a full member.  I currently play with my DGT board at Playchess.com and ICC.  I think it is the way to go.  Especially for standard games and blitz games of longer length such as 15 10.  They are too slow in anything 5 min or less in my opinion.  At least with the DGT board, the "mouse slip" is non existent.

    Please look into allowing DGT boards to play as they are the future and take the online chess game to a whole new level.  Thanks!

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    I do not think chess.com will that is why I will be leaving this very soon.

    I will to FICS(babaschess(playchess.com)fritz) and Lucas Chess.  the more I play this site the more I dislike the the IMO the Live chess here is terrible, and DGT in 2013 is sad,

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