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    I wonder if Chess.com can filter the Live Chess Tournaments and add some slow game time controls like 90/30, 60/30,45/45 etc. which Dan Heisman Recommends. The Live Tournaments can be filter by the addition of tab options of Slow Time Controls(90/30, 60/30, 45/45), Normal Time Controls(15/0, 15/5, 20/5), Blitz Time Controls(5/5, 5/0, 10/0, 3/0), and Bullet Time controls(1/0, 2/0). Premium Members can create Live Tournaments with prefered Time Controls, or customized. Live Tournaments can be Named by Official Live Tournaments(like the online Tournaments), or by Premium Members for unofficial.

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    cshuenss wrote: Frown

    what? it doesn't help either :)

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