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on line chess time change

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    Roofless wrote:

    How about making the speed of finishing ones games in a tournament the first tie breaker? For example, if player A finishes all their games in 1 week, and player B finishes their games in 4 months, player A wins in case of a tie.

    So, then I'm put at a disadvantage in the tournament because I have a busy life and don't have time to play chess every day?

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    No player is ever at any disadvantage. The paramaters if every game and tournament are clear. There are many tournaments. If anyone does not like the agreed upon paramaters, do NOT register for the tournament or accept a challange. It is fair and no player is at a disadvantage. It is rude and obnosxious to joint a tournament if you know in adbance that you cannot meet the agreed on paramaters. IF everyone followed the guidelines, this forum topic would NOT BE NECESSARY. 

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    Another good possibility: make a time parameter of more than one move per day. say 5 moves per day or variations. This takes away the penalty for the fast player caught with a slow player. AND, as we said before, the slow player should NOT join such a tournament. So far, this has been the best suggestion. This would require chess.com to set up just a couple of new time parameters. It would still be slower than live chess, but it would make tournaments move faster, which is what we are really talking about here. 

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    I recently changed my mind. chess,com online chess is great, sometimes games are faster, sometime sslower. so what!  It is still great! It is a great experience and I have met some wonderful players. So maybe we do not need to fix anything? Just to learn patientce and to learn to enjoy this great site? 

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