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Tactics Trainer Suggestions

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #1


    Two minor suggestions that would be helpful.

    1. Pass rate per move.

    Currently I am able to see the pass rate of a puzzle, however I would like to know which moves were the most difficult for others to find. So it would be useful to have the statistics for each move, viewable at the completion of the puzzle.

    2. Most common incorrect move.

    In addition to my first suggestion it would also be useful to see the most common move(s) that were not correct. This would give an indication as to whether my thinking was similar to others.

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    That sounds like a great idea... though the first and second both appear to roughly be the same maybe include some raw numbers too... like for this 3 move puzzle 75% (xxxx/xxxxx) got the first move right 23% (xxx/xxxx) of those got the second move right and 97% (xxx/xxx)of those got the third move right with the x's being the raw numbers.... I like that idea if any TT moderator is willing to add this it would be much appreciated :)

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    Cheers mate :)

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