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    CountryMembersPercentAvg. RatingTop Rated
     United States 2122194 42.55% 1280  HikaruNakamura (2700)


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    So why is he listed as top rated player from USA on this site with 2700 rating if he hasn't moved a piece over here?

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    Maybe he's busy?

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    may be the 90 day criterion applied to his games..(during non premium days)

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    Maybe he's rated OTB 2700? That shouldn't make a difference anyways.

    Weird indeed. Undecided

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    based on what?

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    how these guys play blindfold... cant  even imagine

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    How did he get a 1280 rating here? They used to start everyone off at 1200 but now i think new players are listed as unrated.

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    it is to be construed as the the average rating for all users with country listed "United States"


    say one guy is 2700 on top and 1000   players 990 rated will give an average of 991 Laughing

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    Maybe he's busy?

    I meant to say, why is he listed as top rated player from USA with 2700 rating in online chess when he hasn't played a single online game. Why not put someone who has actually played on this site and got rating?

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    You'll note that the rating is in parentheses, which is just a guesstimate of a rating based on his USCF or FIDE rating. So for a chess.com rating, it should be about 3000.

    Still, what's really disturbing is that the average US player on chess.com is rated 1280!!

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    Topalov was not world champion... classical only please...

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    i remember reading somewhere in chess.com itself a computation/ratio of converting USCF rating to chess.com.. May be such a formulae exists for FIDE too.. but i am not sure..

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    Natalia_Pogonina wrote:

    Imho the policy of assigning titled players certain ratings upon registering is arguable, because:

    a) FIDE ratings and Chess.com ratings are different

    b) Correspondence chess and otb chess are different

    c) The numbers assigned are pretty random. I think I got 2200 as a start; my second (a strong IM) was graded 2000. Then some people actually get confused and start asking: "Is it true that some amateur who has 2800 Chess.com rating is a better player than you"?

    Ratings comparisons between different chess organizations and forms of chess are never particularly valid...too many variables.

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