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    If/When you upgrade your platinum membership will be pro-rated, so you won't lose any of your money from the gold account. :)
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    Jay, how much control would I have over how the groups are formed - i.e. could they be based on rating?  On some other factor unrelated to chess.com (these would be friends of mine and their friends - I might want to set it up by age, or who knows who, etc.)?  That might determine whether I go ahead an upgrade..
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    Unfortunately right now there is only one built in algorithm that you cannot control. It's an interesting idea as a feature though, I'll give some thought to it.
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    Thanks for the response... 

    • What is the built-in algorithm?
    • Is adding a feature as described something you would seriously consider?

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    Of course, we always consider all feature requests from all our users. We would just have to think about how many people might use it, if it exposes any potential cheats, how usable a feature would be, etc etc. The built in algorithm simply orders everyone by rating, and places them into groups in descending order.
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    Right, but are the players re-ranked after each round? Or will the #1 seed face the #2 seed in round two?

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    It is not a "bracket". Each round players are reranked and reseeded into groups based on their ratings.

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    But in "brackets" the top seeds will face each other in round two? 

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    We don't have a bracket system here at Chess.com at all. What I was saying was that if ours was a bracket, and we put people into groups the way we do (#1 player goes into group 1, #2 player goes into group2, etc etc), then #1 and #2 WOULD face each other in the 2nd round. However, because its NOT a bracket system that we're running, #1 and #2 WONT play each other in round 2, they'll be regrouped according to rankings and dispersed into separate groups.

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    Jay, Thank you for the clarification! I somehow got it all wrong and assumed that a multiround tournament with a groupsize of 2 would work as (March Madness) Brackets.

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    Its fairly close, but not exact. Group size of 2 is the closest we have to a bracket system, but its definitely not a bracket.
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    Time/move: 2 hrs 51 mins

    This stat is found in my turned base chess page, maybe you could allow only people who lets say less then 3hrs in one and less then 6hrs in the other, that way slow people play with slow people and fast people play with fast people.

    I know I play more then a move a day and most of my games last less then a week....

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     we just launched a feature to allow tournament directors to limit by time per move!

    How do I interpret the time/move information - I'm not sure just what it is saying.  OK, it's a pretty basic question - I know... Wink ... but I don't know!

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    As you can probably tell, I'm just getting my feet wet with organizing tournaments ... hence the (no doubt) basic questions...


    As I look at the tournament listings I'm not sure how to read the 'format' information.  Can someone explain (or point me to an explanation) the following:

    a)  12(2)->1

    b)  4(2)->2

    c)  9(2)->3


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    Crystal clear - thanks!

    And congrats on the new baby... Innocent

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    I dont know about this, but lets say I set my max games at ten, and allow friends to challenge me and say now I have 14 games going on, if I register in a tournament and and it starts, would the tournament games show up?

    Maybe there should be an option for allow firends and allow for tournament games...

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