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    kohai wrote:

    Thanks mate :)

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    How do you ensure no one uses chess programs? Especially for correspondence chess of this nature there is a high chance some may take recourse to unfair means.It would hurt the ratings of genuine players.

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    Hi, I registered for an official tournament that should have started some minutes ago. It's a thematic one (forgot which one, but there shouldn't be a lot of official thematic tournaments), for 1600-1800 elo. I'm around 1650, so I guess I could have entered. Now the tournament has disappeared from my upcoming list, I'm not in, and I can't find it anywhere in the current tournaments list, which btw is buggy and unpractical (impossible to find a tournament with less than 75% completion). It's not on the upcoming list neither. What's happening ?

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    Just as elgregos said... There Is NO "17th Chess.com Tournament (1601-1800)" this should be the link... http://www.chess.com/tournament/17th-chesscom-tournament-1601-1800 but... that category is Missing... 


    edit : Now it works...

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    Me too elgeros, the theme was Ruy Lopez, Schliemann defence

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    Ok, the tournament has begun and I'm in (as aldlv and Jat199 I hope). It seems there was some kind of lag, no problem now.

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    the problem is NOT with the Ruy Lopez tournament... is with the 17th Chess.com Tournament (1601-1800).....

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    I signed up quite a while ago but am just now getting into this forum.  It rocks!


    I just saw a list of cheaters.  How is it possible to cheat in chess?

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    There is a problem with knockout tournaments (i.e. groups of 2) that requires a technical fix. Where neither player in the group makes a move, each wins a game on time and apparently both players progress, which seems very unfair. For common sense to prevail, it relies on the tournament director to spot this happening and remove both players, but sometimes this gets missed or the tournament director is no longer active.

    An example is Group #9 here:

    Please could a staff member comment on this? Thanks.

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    The TD was the one who set the tournament up to be in groups of 2 before it started.

    From experience, groups of 2 where both timeout on 1 each hasn't been that common.

    A TD can't remove players while they still have current games.

    If this "win 1 each" has only occured once in the three rounds, what makes  you feel something untoward may be happening that would warrant both player removal?

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    I'm not suggesting that the players pre-arranged it if that's what you meant, far from it. People can fail to show up, particularly in later rounds of tournaments, it happens. Sometimes other things take prority over chess. What I am saying is that if someone fails to show up for a round, there should be no possibility of them returning later in the tournament as it isn't fair on the other players. In this case the TD has rightly removed them, however I think it should be done automatically. You are correct in that it doesn't happen all that frequently, but when it does happen it is a problem.

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    I agree

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    hi,expiration date of my diamond membership is at 29 november,,,,,

    can i play tournaments online without any payment

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    When I join a tournament, when it starts will the games automatically show up in my online games?

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    Yes the tournament games auto appear for you in your current games list.

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    I think you should let basic members paly as many tournamens as you want like the premium members and the gold members tell me if you agee with me


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    yeah, I somehow got into two tournoments, (don't take me out of one, I will finish as soon as possible).  But my game list went from like 6 to 60 in 5 minutes

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    I'm new to Chess.com.  Having a blast so far.  I just started a tournament.  I was wondering if someone could tell me where to find basic rules (e.g. how tie break points are assigned). There was a "help" link on this tournament site, but it only took you to a finished tournament site.



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    If you look on this page http://www.chess.com/tournaments/help.html

    look down the bulletted listing, find the question there you want the answer for. All of those are linked so as soon as you click on the question itself the page takes you further down that page to show you the answer.

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