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What type of tourney do you prefer?

  • 11 months ago · Quote · #81


    V_Fox wrote:

    I have a lot of patience:

    in one of my first tournament here (when I did not know the details of OnlineChess) my opponent "thinking" exactly 12 days 23 hours and 30 minutes

    Wow, I admire your patience on that! Tongue Out
    I would have gone crazy, I'm sure.

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #82


    Hi my friends,

    Another new no vaction tourney for players rated 1186-1350:-


    MikeCool (wallyjack)

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #83


    Hi all,

    New no vacation tourney for players rated 1351-1500:-


    Please enter if you canSmile.

    MikeCool (wallyjack)

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #84


    Another tourney for players rated 1501-1649:-


    Please enter if possSmile

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #85


    themed tourneys with nice trophies like mine ;O


  • 10 months ago · Quote · #86


    I want to change my answer to the 2nd question. I prefer tournaments whereI play less games at the same time so that means small groups and only one concurrent game per opponent. Also, 5 days or more per move would be best.

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #87


    1. Standard, 24 hours
    2. Automatic and opening will be fine, medium group (5-7), 2 or 3 advance to second round.
    3. Specific rating, people over rating at start removed.
    4. 50-200 players
    5. No vacation

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #88


    So far i like the live ones, and to be fair, are the only ones i played, i don't know if i'll have the patience to play one tournament for months.

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #89


    wallyjack wrote:

    Hi all,

    I'm just conducting a survey to see which type of tourneys most players prefer and if you'd be so kind I'd like you to post your answers to the following five questions:-

    1) Standard chess or thematic

    2)Tourney format

    3)Open or in specific ratings categories

    4)Number of players

    5)Vacation or No Vacation

    I look forward to your answers and "thank you" in advance.

    Mike Armiger (wallyjack)

    1. Standard and 960

    2. 12(2)->1 and 6(2)->2

    3. Open

    4. 12 and 100

    5. No vacation

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