Why isn't Nakamura in the Candidates Tournament?

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    GreedyPawnGrabber wrote:

    It's not narrow. Only the WC cycle can determine the real strength of the players. You can win against lower rated players by going for risky and unclear lines but you cannot become a WC by doing so.Perhaps Aronian can win against many lower rated players easily than Gelfand but Gelfand is much better player.

    Aronian's results in tournament play has been better than Gelfand's results in the last four or five years. I can't judge who's better beyond that. But to only look at the world champions and their challengers is actually a very narrow focus. You're missing a lot of great chess players who by chance, politics, money, nerves, etc. don't get a chance to play for a championship. The more I follow the chess playing community, the more I am impressed with the depth and variety of the great players of the last four years. To focus on Anand, Topalov, and Gelfand would have been to miss Carlsen, Aronian, Grischuk, Hou, Karjakin, Lahno, A.Muzychuk, Caurana, Nakamura, Radjabov, etc.

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    SmyslovFan wrote:

    Fabiano Caruana, when asked why he wasn't playing responded:

    "Because I didn't qualify.

    Every top player knew how to qualify. The ones who made it qualified, with the exception of Teimour Radjabov. Perhaps if everyone wants to see Naka play in the next cycle so much, they could pool their money together to hold it in the US.

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    Why do you still care? Let it alone already. Relax and have a drink.

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    stop the arousing, then.

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    hey man, don't worry. be happy.

    just laugh.

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    Scottrf wrote:
    PlaceQualifierThe top three finishers in the Chess World Cup 2011  Peter Svidler (Russia)  Alexander Grischuk (Russia)  Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine) Loser of the World Chess Championship 2012  Boris Gelfand (Israel) The next three highest rated players in the world
    (average from July 2011 and January 2012 FIDE rating lists)  Magnus Carlsen (Norway)  Levon Aronian (Armenia)  Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) Candidates Tournament Organizing committee's
    wild card (FIDE rating in January 2012 at least 2700)[9][10]  Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan)

    Thanks this post was actually helpful.

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    rigamagician wrote:

    Nakamura passes on 2011 U.S. Championship

    It says Nakamura declined to play in order to focus on his long term goal of becoming world champion.  Nakamura would have qualified for the World Cup based on rating, but he was training with Kasparov around that time, and apparently, Kasparov recommended that he should play in Bilbao instead of the World Cup presumably because it had a bigger prize fund and more of the top players playing (Carlsen, Aronian, Anand).

    Nakamura picked up 15 Grand Prix points at London 2012, but he only came in 12th, and he didn't play at Tashkent.  He could qualify through the Grand Prix if he can score well in three of the remaining four Grand Prix tournaments.

    Gata Kamsky qualified for the 2011 World Cup based on rating.  Alexander Ivanov, Yuri Shulman, Ray Robson, Alexander Onischuk and Sam Shankland qualified based on their performance in the U.S. championship.  No Americans qualified from the American Continental Championship although a couple played.  Ivanov, Shulman, Robson and Shankland got knocked out in the first round of the World Cup.  Onischuk made it to round 2 before getting knocked out.  Kamsky made it to the fourth round where he was knocked out by Peter Svidler.

    This post also helpful and actually tries to answer my question (as opposed to argue about Americans having a superiority complex or some other random and rude comments). Thank you.

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