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World Championship Simulator

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    One of the most exciting things in the game of chess is the World Championships. I have created a "World Championship Simulator" so that we can see (kinda) what its like to play in a candidate's tournament and go head to head with the World Champion! It's open to anyone who wants to join. All you have to do is Be a member of this group and you can watch the WC matches, participate in special group events (such as a simul or vote chess game against the champion), or even particpate in the WC tournaments yourself and haved a chance to be come the Champion!

    Coming Soon if this thing picks up steam: Different WCs in different rating groups, so everyone can participate!

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    'Sounds like a great idea.   (Do you ever run out of the Christian?)

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    haha I wish I had a lot of great ideas, maybe by now id be a GM Laughing

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    Sounds like fun . Dont ever run out of ideas , that is one thing that makes you unique .

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    I'm thinking about creating a seperate, 1500<  World Champion Simulator. Does that sound good? Maybe I could make several in different ratings, such as 500-1000, 1000-1500, 1500-2000, and 2000 and up

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    major updates

    We now have the WCCC in different rating sections! This group will be the "main group", but if you want to play in a section, you can join one of the groups divided by section!

    For those rated 500-1000 join here!

    For those rated 1000-1500 join here!

    For those rated 1500-2000 join here!

    And, at last, the Championship Section! This is for those rated 2000+ and will be the main WCCC title! Join here!

    Good luck to you all in your endeavors, whatever section you belong in. In all sections except Championship candidate's matching is open. If you want a chance to become the first WC in your rating range then all you have to do is join the correct group, and comment on the Candidate's forum, and you could become the Champion!

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