What KaBooming Is The Reason

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    Hello People ,

    Just wanted to see if anyone know the reason why People On OUR EARTH Die everyday OF NO FOOD !!  How can a Nation be Rich enough for war but Not for The Hungry.. I wish We Could World together Not as People but as Human Beings Ambitiously intent of Love, Peace and The Reward that is From Seeing EVERYONE AS Someone!!!! and Holding This sacred..  understand Africa Still HAs Extreme Hunger.. What Can You and I do As Beings Working to Love each Human.. Especially Those Hurting... Prey We can Make Right  What HAs Become a Nightmare existences for People With No way for food and water Plus A safe Place to Live..So  What Is the Kabooming Reason This prevails ??

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    does anybody have a solution suggestion viable to stop daily Loss of precious Life

    from NO FOOD !!!!!!

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